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Android O

Top 5 Android O Features

Google is working on the upcoming new version of Android OS, called "Android O". They recently released the developer preview version of the new OS which promises new features and improvements over the previews...
Bluetooth 5.0

Bluetooth 5.0: Explained

Samsung introduced Bluetooth 5 into their Galaxy S8 range. Their S8 range are the first phones with this next gen Bluetooth wireless connectivity to hit the market. Here are the full features of the next-get...
Private Data

How To Safely Delete Your Private Data Forever

Deleting saved data from phones, tablets, laptops, computers and other devices that you no longer need, can be done in several ways. We often just need to get rid of stored information that we would prefer not ...
What MLM is

John Oliver Explains What MLM Is

Companies such as ACN or Herbalife all use "Multi Level Marketing" or MLM and claim that they are legitimate business. You may hear about MLM from your friends, neighbors or your family, who constantly talk abo...


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