Firefox has numerous extensions that allows users to tailor their web browsers to their liking. Here’s a look at some must-have Firefox addons that can help enhance the speed, security, privacy, and flexibility of usage on your browser.

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1. Adblock Plus
If your browsing pages take forever to load or the annoying short ad-clip pops up every time you watch a video, then the Adblock Plus may be a good consideration for your Firefox browser. The extension blocks ads on the loading page, and even allows you to manually block ads on the page, if required. This naturally gives the page loading speed a push.

2.Tap Grenade
Sometimes, your browser will be extremely slow because you have multiple tabs open, which you aren’t using but do not want to lose or bookmark. Tab Grenade helps close those tabs, while note them all down in a list. This not only boosts the speed of your browser, but also allows you to retrieve the tabs when needed.

3. Tap Groups Helper
There’s no dearth for tab management add-ons on Firefox, and you even have a built-in browser feature for the same reason. However, the Tab Groups Helper is one of the best picks to manage and organize all your tabs. The extension allows you to create lists populated with tabs that are currently open on your Firefox browser. Each time you choose one of the lists, the tabs under other lists will remain hidden. This can especially be helpful if you’re guilty of getting little or no work done due to distractions in the form of social media notifications. Simply organize your work tabs in one list, and social media tabs on the other, and you’re good to go.

4. Open Link In Silent Tap
Don’t you hate it when you have multiple tabs open so they load at the same time, and a video starts playing in the backdrop and you are frantically searching through the various tabs to figure out which on is playing? The “Open in Silent Tab” feature allows you to load only the pages of the tab that you are currently viewing, so the pages on the other tabs pause loading. So, when you switch to the other tab it resumes loading, meaning, you won’t have to go through the trouble of rewinding every time you have a video loading in one of the tabs.

5. Profilist
So Google Chrome allows you to swap profiles in its latest version. Firefox too has the same provision, only switching between profiles is a little troublesome. A quick-fix is the Profilist extension, that pops up an option which allows you to switch between profiles with just a click.

6. UI Eraser
So now that we’ve looked at add-on extensions, how about we take a look at add-ons that help delete elements; the UI Eraser does just that. Whether it is the main menu, context menu or toolbar, we know it can look cluttered when you have too many options, of which very few are put to use. The UI Eraser can be used to remove any entries in these menus so your browser looks clean.

7. Click and Clean
Yes, it can be quite annoying when you have to click at the custom button, the History, the Clear browsing data and then the approval button, every time you want to erase your internet history. The Click and Clean reduces all those clicks to just a single click. What this means is you can customize the extension to delete typed URLs, browsing history, download history, passwords and log-ins with just a single click of the button.

8. ZenMate Security & Privacy
ZenMate, which was originally a Chrome extension that was available for Android devices as well, is available on Firefox as well. The VPN extension encrypts the activity, so your location and privacy is protected. This means you will be able to view the content that has location-based restrictions, and you will not have to worry about privacy breaches when you’re browsing online in a cafe.

9. Imagus
The Imagus extension which was previously available on Chrome is now available for Firefox users. Install this extension and you will be able to view zoomed-in images by simply hovering over the image thumb-nail, so you do not have to open it in another tab for an enlarged view. While there are other preview image extensions, Imagus has a quicker performance.

10. Privacy Badger
With so many sites tracking users and their internet activities it is as if you have someone always watching your back when you are online. Privacy badger is an extension that helps enhance security and privacy online to block cookies that track individual devices. It instantly notifies you when a site has trackers so you can delete the same when you’re browsing online.

What are your favorite Firefox addons? Let us know in the comment section below.


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