Update: Check out the new list for 2017: Top 10 Worst Websites Of 2017 And How To Avoid The Embarrassment

After my previous post about worst websites of 2015 became one of the most viewed posts on this website, I thought I would write another post showing you the worst websites of 2016.

So you think it’s 2016 and people have learned from the past and probably have made a wise decision about web design and customer experience? But nope, not at all. Mistakes of the previews years continue to run on this year as well.

Featured image: CC BY 2.0 Image courtesy of Ze’ev Barkan on Flickr.

Here’s a list of possibly the worst websites of 2016, and how to avoid them.

1. Paradise with a view – Your homepage’s title is “index”? Really? That’s bad SEO there. Not to mention the multicolored text and no navigation?

2. Tag Team Signs – Why don’t people get it? Flash is dead. We are in 2016, not in 1999. It doesn’t work on mobiles.

3. Mednat – This site was built using FrontPage, it looks like people are still living under caves. And what’s with GIFs? Oh and the horrible 1990s design.

4. Mojo Yogurt – Again, a website built using Flash. It has horrible background music and sound effects. Just to let you know Mojo Yogurt, people are trying to look for yogurt and not listen to your music.

5. Best Electronics – No one is interested in reading a very long page with too much information that is unorganized. Centered text, multiple link colors, this website sucks big time.

6. Lings Cars – Probably one of the worst websites I’ve ever seen. The website is too cluttered, confusing and horrible in every way possible. Be caution, it might give you headaches while visiting this website.

7. Art Yale – Horrible web design, confusing navigation menu, and cluttered homepage.

8. Suzanne Collins – 1990s web design, cluttered homepage, none responsive and confusing links/navigation.

9. Industrial Painter – Annoying music/voice, flash based and horribly designed. I don’t know how they can attract customers with this website.

10. Superior Web Solutions – This is the company that built Industrial Painter. It’s even worse than Industrial Painter. Annoying voice/music, none responsive, flash based, bad homepage design. Overall this website is horrible.

How to avoid building a horrible website?

To avoid building a horrible website or if you want to build a website but you are not sure how to build one then follow these instructions and you will learn all about the latest trends and design concepts.

Stay away from Flash

Yes, please don’t build a flash based website, since flash is dead and smartphones do not support flash. Don’t include anything flash related and that includes website intros, advertisements or any other flash animation.

Avoid music/loud voices/sound effects

When people visit your site, they are searching for information, they are not interesting in listening to music or sound effects. Keep your website simple and user friendly.

Responsive design

Google has forced responsive design and it penalizes sites that are not responsive. If your website can’t be viewed on a mobile then you already lost half of the traffic since a lot of people use their mobile phones to visit or shop online. User experience matters, specially after Google updated their algorithm.

Poor quality web design

Avoid using programs that produce poorly coded and ugly looking websites such as FrontPage. FrontPage is gone and lacks a lot of features that are a must in today’s web design. Instead, use a Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal and buy professional looking templates from Theme Forest.


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