Pokémon Go is a free smartphone game that was developed by Niantic and published by The Pokémon Company. It’s available for Android and iPhones and was released on July 2016. Upon its release, Pokémon Go surpassed American’s App stores “Free” and “Top Grossing” charts. It became the fastest game to hit millions of downloads within 2 days of its release.

Pokémon Go offers an awe-inspiring, fantastic, exciting and real experience that has never been thought of by other game developers. It utilizes the GPS capability of the iPhone and Android, and thus gives a real world experience by tracking maps as the player moves from one place to another. The game also uses the camera to track the location of the player to give a real play and thus the player is able to capture the Pokémons from his or her locality.

Pokémon Go’s Main Aim

The main aim of this game is to catch Pokémon, train them and to battle other players, and of course to win. In order for you to catch a Pokémon, you need to throw a Poké Ball at it by flicking it from the bottom of the screen to the Pokémon. Once you aim at it, you will see a green ring surrounding the Pokémon. A green ring means it’s easy to capture, yellow means it’s moderate, and red indicates it’s hard to capture. You have a high chance of successfully capturing a Pokémon with green and yellow rings without losing too many Poké Balls. Once you catch it, it’s yours to keep and you will be rewarded with currencies.

However, as the trainer that you want to be, you shouldn’t be worried when you see the red ring on a Pokémon that you are dying to catch. There are ways in which you can capture it. You can buy “Berries” which you can feed to a wild or rare Pokémon, making it easier to catch. In addition, you can also use “Lure Module” or “Incense” which attracts Pokémons to your location. Earning more XP gives you the ability to catch stronger Pokémon. After reaching Level 5, you will be able to battle in gyms.

The following are some of the tips and tricks that you can use to master the art of this game and to become a Pokémon master. Subscribe to our website for more tips.

1. Choose Pikachu as your starter Pokémon

Seriously who doesn’t love Pikachu? The master Ash himself kept one with him all the time and so should you, well that’s if you like Pikachu. It’s highly recommended that you catch Pikachu, since you will have a better battling ground as it is equipped with the enough electricity, and special Poké Balls that makes it easier for you to capture other Pokémon.

Unfortunately, when you first start the game, Pikachu is not among the first three Pokémons that are available to catch. Instead, you will only get 3 options of Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasaur.

Before trying to catch Pikachu, you need to make sure that you are starting fresh. If you already have an account and have chosen one of the three characters, then you need to sign out and create another brand new account. After you’ve signed in with your brand new account, you will see the three characters waiting together for you somewhere. Instead of catching one of them, simply walk away until they re-appear again. But keep walking, until at some point during the fifth or sixth time, you will see another character, which is Pickachu.

2. Get More Poké Balls for free

You might think that you have an unlimited supply of Poké Balls, but at some point in the game you will run low and it becomes your worst nightmare. If you are serious about catching them all then you better make sure you have enough Poké Balls.

You can get Poké Balls in many ways; you can get them while levelling up, from PokéStore or buy them from the Pokémon Go Store. You’ll also begin to get Great Balls and Ultra Balls from PokéStops once you reach higher levels in the game. Great Balls and Ultra Balls can be used to catch Pokémons that are hard to catch.

To get more Poké Balls, simply look for areas with a high number of PokéStops. You can also increase the number of Poké Balls and your XP by visiting four or five Poké Stops in a five minute loop. However, make sure your bag is not full; otherwise you won’t be able to grab anything from the PokéStops.

3. Don’t Rely Too Much On the Radar

When you start playing Pokémon Go, you will notice a radar on the right hand side of the bottom of the screen. It shows you the distance that they are away from you. One footprint means it is close by, and three means they are further away.

According to a Reddit user who did some research, each footprint represents:

  • 0 footprints: <40m away
  • 1 footprint: 40-60m away
  • 2 footprints: 60-90m away
  • 3 footprints: >90m away

However, do note that the radar is a hit and miss, especially the three footprint Pokémons, because it is still buggy and sometimes inaccurate.

4. Hatch eggs fast

Just like a normal egg that can be hatched, you can also hatch Pokémon eggs, but not by sitting on your smartphone. In this game, hatching eggs requires you to physically move outside your house and either walk a long distance or drive. But the problem is that the bare minimum you need to walk or drive is 2 kilometers. So to help you with your laziness here’s a way you can hatch eggs faster.

Get someone else to drive you around while your Pokémon Go is running, but make sure your friend is driving slowly, or else the game won’t register it. Please don’t play and drive, we don’t want you or someone else to get hurt. To save you time and make it more efficient for you, try to hatch multiple eggs at the same time. And remember; the eggs that require longer distance hatch better Pokémons.

5. Transfer your Pokémons for candies

If you’ve captured the same Pokémons, you can transfer them to the professor who in return will give you candy. You can transfer the Pokémons that you don’t need so you can power up the ones that you’ve chosen for battles. In addition, you have a limited number of Poké Balls, and transferring some to the professor leaves you with more room to capture other Pokémons.

6. Focus on Bonuses

You can earn different bonuses in the game. With bonuses, you can increase your XP and level up quicker. By leveling up, you acquire lucky eggs. A lucky egg will double your XP for 30 minutes.
In this game, there are three throw bonuses:

  • Nice Throw = 10 XP
    To be eligible for this reward, you must hit the Pokémon anywhere inside the ring.
  • Great Throw = 50 XP
    You must hit the Pokémon when the ring shrinks to half its size.
  • Excellent Throw = 100 XP
    You must hit the Pokémon when the ring shrinks to nearly its smallest size.

    Additionally, there are three stacking bonuses:
  • Curve ball = 10 XP
    You must throw a curved ball at the Pokémon.
  • Bonus = 100 XP
    You acquire this bonus by catching 100th catch of a specific type of character.
  • New Pokémon = 500 XP
    You acquire this bonus on your first catch of any Pokémon per species.

7. Practice dodging

In a gym battle, you can swipe left or right to dodge an attack. It’s a very effective strategy that you can use in the gym, instead of attacking directly. After you’ve performed a successful dodge, it’s a good practice to attack your enemy.

8. Use Incense while walking

Incense is an item that attracts Pokémon to your location no matter where you are. Many players use this item while they are at home or office, instead of going outside to look for Pokémon.

However, do note that to maximize the effectiveness of incense, you must travel at least 200 meters between spawns. According to a Reddit user, every five minutes, incense will spawn one Pokémon, but the spawn rate will increase to once a minute if the player moves around to at least 200 meters at a speed of about 12km/hr.

While leveling up, players get a few incense for free, so make sure you don’t waste them by using them while you are sitting.

9. Revisit PokéStops

After vising a Pokéstop, you might have noticed that the icon turns purple and you can’t revisit it again. However, you can revisit it in about five minutes. The good thing is that there’s no limit to how many times in a day you can revisit the Pokéstop. You can stock up as much as you want.

10. Look for their habitats

It’s your mission to find Pokémons and to trace their habitats. If you want a specific Pokémon then look at their nature. For example, water type Pokémons can be found near lakes or oceans, grass types can be found near forests and ghost types can only be found at night. Try exploring different areas at different times, you might come up with a unique Pokémon.

11. A Map Of All The PokéStops

If you really want to know where all the Pokestops are, then here’s a map to help you out. This map is created by other users and anyone can add to it, so be warned that you might come across unwanted NSFW places or pictures. Proceed at your own risk.

12. Turn off the AR mode

Sure the AR mode is awesome in this game but sometimes it doesn’t work on all smartphones and makes it very hard to capture Pokémon. To avoid any disturbance, it’s best to turn off the AR mode so that capturing becomes easier for you.


Pokémon Go is really an exciting and amazing game to play with. Not only it’s entertaining and challenging but it also takes you out into the real adventurous world discovering and exploring new places. Good luck with your adventure and catching, and take care.

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