If you are willing to dish out a substantial sum for a high-quality processor, consider this upgrade from Intel: the Skylake CPU. Even if you are cynical about the raving reviews (it was termed to be the “most significant processor in a decade” by the company itself—talk about biased), there are plenty of cool features to check out. The catch is that it’s so good that even the technically challenged may be able to appreciate them as much as the techies. Consider this short list.

1. Its efficient power capabilities

This is very important because the most important thing about a CPU is that it is powerful. This involves juggling multiple programs while maintaining optimum performance levels, and in the background resting some CPU cores that are not being utilized at the moment. Equally important is its condition as usage gets lighter (for example, when you are closing your present programs).

It could be that your old CPU is still working fine. It probably is, as technological advancements have made them better and better with every model companies release into the market. This new Intel CPU, though, thanks to its better management in regards to power is more superior at it. That means it knows how to heat up in crucial moments and how to cool down when it’s not used as hard.

2. The wonderful array of wireless features

Computer nerds and homemakers rejoice! You have probably heard of wireless charging and bluetooth support, as well as docking without wires and streaming of online videos. Now imagine that in one CPU because that’s what the Skylake CPU can do with its WiGig standard. Yes, wow, right? It doesn’t end there.

The connections are awesomely fast: the maximum is seven gigabytes per second. We are talking about handling 70 yards of printed books at the rate of one second. In addition, the end goal for the personal computer or laptop is to go completely wire-free with this CPU. This will make it more portable and handy, not to mention the absence of the nightmare of managing tangled and overlapping wires.

3. Better security

Computer Security

If you are picky with security, then this is probably for you. The Skylake also offers a feature that covers better protection for software and the memory extensions so that hacks and other infiltrations are reduced, if not prevented altogether. This is achieved through the utilization of a series of enclaves (which are executing areas that are secured) and the regulation of information outside of protected areas.

The system may be a tad complicated but it not only involves a strong defense (through enclaves) but also a flexible defense that captures any bugs that may get inside the system through gaps caused by human error.

Other features

Hand in hand compatibility. Providing the newer DDR4 and older DDR3L support means it is compatible with most products in the market. This is equally important as you cannot expect every person to be immediately equipped with the latest gadget or processor. This is a wonderful tool for adaptability, a must for the most finicky buyer.

It gets better and better with better graphics. For all your gaming, pictorial and other graphic needs, the Skylake CPU will be able to generate better looking graphics, with supportive programs for compatibility. This means you will be able to generate high-resolution pictures and watch high-definition movies in the relative convenience of your portable laptop.

Should you upgrade to Intel Skylake?

Skylake has its limitations. For instance, you already have a CPU that’s a Haswell, you’d do better to upgrade with a chipset for the Haswell-E. This is because Haswell has other features that Skylake cannot significantly overshadow. Yet if you have an older version of a CPU such as a Sandy or Ivy Bridge, you can be sure that replacing them with a Skylake will do wonders to your laptop or personal computer’s performance. According to one source, you can have a 30 to 40 percent faster performance.

To buy or not to buy remains up to you. If your CPU has definitely seen better days, and it’s causing you some problems, then you may want to welcome the Skylake CPU.


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