Can you imagine your life without the internet? It revolutionized our communications so much that we are dependent on it. It has become our preferred medium of  everyday communications. Everything we do now consists of using the internet, from shopping online, watching a YouTube video to sharing a picture with our friends on Facebook. It’s fascinating to see how us human beings are dependent on the internet and the information it provides. There’s no need for us to go outside and search for what we need anymore, we simply use the internet in few clicks and find more than what we need. The internet has transformed our lives, whether it’s for the better or for the worst, we have to accept the fact that it has become a part of us and our everyday lives.

Unfortunately, the internet has also a dark side, and it played a huge role in revolutionizing cyber crimes. Every internet user will sooner or later face some type of malware. Whether it’s the WannaCry ransomware or a virus, no one is 100% safe online. The best weapon against all these types of malware is to educate our selves about online security and to keep a copy of our private data on an external USB or a hard drive.

Anyways, here’s a list of the top 30 facts about the internet that you probably didn’t know.

1. You probably have heard that Al Gore or someone else invented the internet. But that’s not true, in fact, the internet wasn’t invented by a single person. It was the result of computer scientists, researchers and engineers collaborating among themselves.

2. There are about 3.2 billion people who use the internet, and out of that about 1.7 billion users are Asians.

3. It is estimated that Google receives about 3 billion search inquiries a day and about 200 billion emails are exchanged on a daily basis.

4. About 30,000 websites are being hacked every single day. Cyber criminals use sophisticated software to automatically scan and find vulnerability in websites which can be hacked easily.

5. Approximately about 204 emails are sent per minute and 70% out of these emails are spam. To produce a single email, it requires 2 billion electrons.

6. Since its release on July 15, 2012, Korean rapper Psy’s music video “Gangnam Style” is the most viewed YouTube video ever sitting at over 2.8 billion views.

7. In its current state, the internet requires about 50 million horsepower to keep running.

8. Jawed Karim was the first ever person to upload a video on YouTube, titled “Me at Zoo” at 8:27pm on Saturday, April 23rd 2005. Jack Dorsey tweeted the first message on Twitter on March 21 2006.

9. 61.5% of all internet traffic is not generated by humans, but by bots and malware.

10. The world’s first website ever created is still running to this day. It might not be glamorous but the fact that it’s still running is pretty impressive.

11. The internet is 10297 days old today. You can keep track of how old the internet is and simply appreciate what you can do on it.

12. It is estimated that around 40 billion gadgets will be connected to the internet by 2020.

13. Online dating might sound a dumb idea to most people but it generates approximately $1 billion dollars every single year.

14. Japan and South Korea have the fastest internet speeds in the world right now. Their average bandwidth speed is 22Mbps, compared to 8.4Mpbs in the US.

15. The indexed websites that can be found on Google are just the tip of the iceberg and it’s referred to as the “surface web”. The remaining part which is called the “deep web” is 500 times larger than the surface web.

16. There’s a part of the internet called the “Dark net” which can only be accessed by a special software called “Tor”. You can find a lot of illegal and creepy stuff on the dark net so use it at your own risk.

17. Users upload about 72 hours’ worth of video footage on YouTube every single minute.

18. To retrieve an answer for a single query, Google uses 1000 computers in 0.2 seconds.

19. Twitter has 250 million users and 500 million tweets are sent every day.

Social Media Facts

20. The world “insurance” is the most expensive keyword on Google AdWords.

21. Currently there are 191.3 million Tumblr blogs and 83.1 billion Tumblr posts.

22. is the first ever registered domain.

23. To reach 50 million users, it took the internet only 5 years.

24. Unfortunately, 10% of sex offenders use online dating sites.

25. We now use our mobile phones to browse the internet more than we use our desktop computers.

26. As big as the internet is, it only weighs as much as one strawberry.

27. 37% of what’s on the web is porn.

28. Everyday, around 100,000 new dot com domains are being registered.

29. Before the internet, LOL meant “lots of love”.

30. There are more people in India who use the internet than the entire population of the US.

I hope you enjoyed these fun facts about the internet. As you can see the internet is so huge and filled with good and bad things. Let us know in the comment section below, what is your favorite fact?


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