Digitalization is in full swing and this has made gadget manufacturers even more competent when it comes to producing items for their specific market. With this prolific production, however, comes the bigger challenge of making their products more efficient for the needs of the users.

Failure to deliver such efficiency could be viewed by the competitors as a window to outshine one producer and steal the opportunity to sell. Now that news spreads fast in a matter of seconds one wrong move could mean a huge negative blow to companies. This is exactly why businesses are very careful in making sure that they do not mess up in introducing new line of products.

This 2017, certain trends are predicted to become more prevalent in the tech production arena. Let’s take a quick look at the list and see which of these factors remain a giant to be conquered in today’s gadget production industry.

More focus on mobile compatibility

This characteristic has long been an issue ever since gaming started to become prevalent in the mobile world. Despite the efforts by various developers, there remains a huge need to develop something that would make a game compatible across different gadgets without affecting its overall performance.

This 2017, this need is seen to be a crucial factor with the increase of new smartphone models along with their different functions.

Speed and responsiveness as primary requirement

With the number of games and apps produced at a regular basis, developers are pressured to produce something that would ace the rest on its league. One attribute that would be an important determining factor for the success of a gadget is its speed or responsiveness.

Users are now becoming more picky about the item they purchase. If they are not satisfied with how fast it loads up, they’ll most likely not spend precious time trying out the features. On the other hand, if creators manage to convince them of the tool’s efficiency based on speed alone, there is a bigger chance that they would consider trying out the rest of what it offers.

Lesser ad presence

This is primarily an issue on free mobile applications. Most, if not all of them, are flooded with ads on just about anything. Worse, these ads have the habit of popping out of nowhere and distracting users while they’re using the apps. In most cases, people would be asked to go premium or the paid ones in order to remove those annoying pop outs.

This 2017, this is set to change as more developers are seen to find ways on removing ads even on the app’s free versions. The more effective they are in blocking them off, the higher the user experience satisfaction.

Quicker upgrades with lesser bugs

Decades ago, trends could last for as long as months. Now and for the coming year, it’s going to be different. More creators, companies and even startup entrepreneurs would seek to join the business resulting to fast updates and new stuff being offered in the market. Long-time companies who wish to remain on top of the competition would need to adapt with this quick change and give out something even more satisfying for their avid users.

Also, bugs, which are common and notorious hassle in this digital age, will still be present. But makers would be more focused on erradicating these bugs and enhancing the overall experience of their users.

Lightweight and easy navigation

Just like with the ad issue, this is also highly applicable for mobile apps. Developers will seek to create something that does not occupy too much space on devices but equally offers high performance including ease in navigation.


Technological advancements and gadget production will continue for years, and the battle to prove who can create the next big hit continues.

Trends will come and go and there is no guarantee that the best thing at present would continue to dominate for months to come. The things mentioned above are likely to dictate the direction gadget manufacturers will take.

If you happen to work in the said industry, which among the things mentioned on the list remains a big challenge? How are you adapting to the rapid change in the trend? Let us hear you thoughts!

About the Author:

Janelle Yu has great passion in writing various content topics especially about mobile technology, tech news and social media. She is currently a copywriter for Vender – a productivity app for salespeople that let you manage your leads and tasks.


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