Lately, it has become next to impossible for us to live without electronic devices. They now play an integral role in our lives and we really rely on them. Whether it is our personal computer, tablet, mobile phone, smart watch, smart television, credit card or laptop, life simply cannot function properly without them.

Due to the extensive use of electronic devices, we have become quite vulnerable to online security threats such as viruses, Trojans or malwares in which our data is stolen and misused by expert hackers. Although many television programs or blogs over the internet have spread a lot of awareness about how to secure our information on the high-tech gadgets, still most people think that online security threat is only confined to computers.    

Online Threats
The fact of the matter is that hackers can gain access to any gadget of yours whether it is a tablet, mobile phone, telephone, Wi-Fi or even a baby’s quad-copter and invade your privacy. As scary as it sounds, this is the reality. Nevertheless, you can secure your devices by educating yourself and others about the main threats present in front of you. And that’s not it! You must be aware of the fact that these threats are not the viruses or malwares that you must have encountered on your computers at least once in your lives, but they are beyond that. Let’s have a look at few dangerous online security threats that you need to be aware of:

1. Wi-Fi routers are not secured by default
Every time we find free Wi-Fi in any public place, we become really happy and quickly connect our devices to it without thinking for a single minute how unsecure it might be. The unsecured Wi-Fi gives a chance to the hackers to trace other users’ information and misuse it.

Even the Wi-Fi at your home is not secured unless you carefully activate your firewall and enable high security settings on your Wi-Fi router. You can easily do this by contacting the customer service representative of your Wi-Fi router provider. One useful technique to secure Wi-Fi is by downloading Open WRT router operating system on your electronic device.

2. Did you know that your Smartphone can also be hacked?


In this digital age, every device that works like a computer can be easily hacked if it is not protected or if it is fed too much personal information. Nowadays, almost everyone has a smartphone with them. You use it to browse the internet, check emails, pay bills online, share information or communicate with others. Hence, a lot of sensitive data is being exchanged through your smartphone that can be traced with the help of unsecured Wi-Fi connections, SMS spam, War Texting or Bluetooth device being connected in a care. These hacks can cause the person to lose his or her car, bank balance and so much more. More than Apple iPhones, the Android devices are more vulnerable to such security threats; hence Android users should only download trusted apps from the Google Play.

3. Card Fraud and Mobile Malware – NFC
Besides the contactless cards such as credit cards or debit cards, common people do not use Near field Communication in any other ways. Due to extensive automation and its perks of adopting it, many people like to tag NFC on their smartphones in order to activate the map mode while keeping it on the dashboard of the car. However, this technology is quite dangerous especially for the Android phones users because the data being transformed from the NFC to the smartphone can be easily tracked down by hackers and can be altered. In addition to that, they can also send malwares to the Android devices.

The method of securing yourself from this threat is to keep a close watch on your NFC and whenever you are not using it, keep it switched off and detached from your smartphones or tablets.

4. The Smart Television in your bedroom or living room might be watching you
Even simple televisions have now turned into smart televisions that have touch-screen technology and can operate like computers. Its viewers can download apps on their smart televisions as well. For example, they can download Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus and Netflix. Smart TVs are probably the most successful technology of this highly digitized world.

However, the fact remains that the more advanced a device, the more prone it is to viruses. Smart televisions have HTML5 and JavaScript errors due to the reason that they have web browsers. Back in 2013, researchers found out and demanded Samsung an explanation regarding their Smart television OS. The data stored by the users in their Samsung’s Smart TVs could be stolen easily as the browser’s history and other credentials are penetrable. The other problems with Smart televisions are that they have in-built web cameras and a lack of firewall. Overall, smart TVs can become a user’s biggest nightmare.

Similarly, Android based devices that give outstanding picture quality to the Smart televisions make them vulnerable to hackers who are expert in damaging Android devices

5. Can the Quad-copter also turn against you?

This discovery has been made just recently that even the quad-copters, which are the kidult toys, have a pretty big security threat as the hackers can even use them to invade your privacy.

Quad-copters can be attacked and the information can be traced through the GPS and the cameras. Afterwards, it can be used for really nefarious activities. Moreover, it is not just Quad-copters, all the high-tech toys that kids are using nowadays such as Leap-Pad tablets, new LEGO kids etc. are also susceptible to scammers.

Be safe, take precaution
All the pointers mentioned above are not to give you a panic attack but simply to make you aware that although technology has its perks, it can be highly misused by scammers. However, if you properly educate yourself regarding the safety procedures to protect your electronic devices, you can easily secure your information and privacy. Simple techniques such as turning off NFC when you are not using it, protecting your smartphones by installing antivirus, configuring your Wi-Fi settings and monitoring your child’s toys can help eliminate online security to a large extent. 

Share this article with your family and friends so they know these threats before it’s too late.

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    This is absolutely true! We need to keep our systems protected in this diversified threat environment, we need to employ not only new protection tools but also precautions. Little steps matter and we can simply begin by following common sense rules on social media accounts and applying best practices when we access free wifi.
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