When it comes to Smartphone photography, photo filters and selfies; Instagram and other things related to this newest wave of photography usually comes to mind. If you have the desire to take great photos using your Smartphone, then there are some helpful tips that you might wish to consider. With the help of these tips, you will be able to capture interesting photographs anytime and anywhere, knowing that the device you use is just in your pocket. The 5 helpful tips for good Smartphone photography are as follows:

1. Treat your Smartphone like a Real Camera

Smartphone photos uploaded in social media sites sometimes earn bad reputation because most of them are not perfectly captured; some even find these photos terrible. One of the reasons is that these images are not actually taken as photographs but rather as means of sharing, meaning these photos are snapshots. Individuals are not really thinking about capturing photographs. They are thinking about how cool things happened right in front of them at that moment. If you really have the desire for an amazing Smartphone photography that would surely impress people, you need to treat your Smartphone like a real camera first and foremost and less like a phone.

2. Think About Filters

One of the great things about Smartphone photography is the ease of processing captured images. While it may sound true that each photograph looks great with filters and can add some interest to a boring photo, you still have to make sure that you use or add filters the right way to make the pictures look awesome. Do not just add filters, think about how it would look cool with these filters and shoot photos accordingly.

3. Get Into Uncomfortable and Strange Positions

Smartphones are easy to maneuver and are very light. They also have big screens making them easy and possible to compose images even in awkward and strange position. Use these to your advantage and you will surely end up with amazing photographs.

4. Know the Auto Mode

Being familiar with the automatic shooting mode of your Smartphone can greatly help you take good photographs. Take the time to know and learn when it utilizes high ISO or when it uses longer shutter speeds. You also need to adjust ways on how you take pictures accordingly.

5. Override Defaults

Smartphones are great when it comes to selecting settings but they don’t always work. Metering can be great in cloudy conditions and shoddy indoors where overriding some settings come handy. If you actually think that white balance is off, change this. Do not forget the flash either because this is highly essential when capturing photos in dark areas. You may also consider spot metering wherein some cameras enable you to do so. In case you are shooting your subjects off-center, switching to spot metering can be a good idea so that the particular area around the selected spot is exposed properly.

By following these helpful tips for good Smartphone photography, you will surely end up with amazing photographs that will surely impress anyone who gets the chance to see it.


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