With the latest technology, all the daily chores of life are getting easier and easier. Where once you had to get ready, drive through endless traffic, face the great crowds to browse for the items you needed while shopping and not even find what you needed, you now no longer have to do this with the help of online shopping.

With online shopping, many rigors of shopping have become easy. There is however that dilemma of cost. Yes, more than often we browse through online stores and sometimes we find the thing that we want but the prices are way too high and we just don’t have enough money on our budget to order our item. The best way to avoid these kind of situations is to make your online shopping experience budget friendly.

With these few simple and useful tips, you will be able to save money while shopping online.

1. Memberships and Refer A Friend Programs

Many online stores are now offering memberships to their regular online shoppers. By purchasing a membership for a year or a month, the online shopping site gives you notifications, special offers, sale discounts and bonuses.

Online shopping stores like Amazon offers a yearly membership called Amazon Prime at $99. With the membership, you get discounts, bonuses, return options, access to their exclusive services, and free shipping of the items.

Also look for the Refer-A-Friend program where you can get discounts by referring your friend to the online shopping website that you are a member of. If your friend makes a purchase from the store, you and your friend will get a discount. That is applicable only when your friend buys something so make sure to refer a friend who shops online.

2. Social Media

With the increasing trend in online shopping, the best way to reach out to the customers is through the platform that they use most frequently. Social Media. Nowadays, most online stores have their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

Amazon Discounts

These pages display all the latest items available from their stores, update on their discounts periods and sales that also offer special deals for their Facebook or Twitter members who have Liked or Followed them respectively.

You can “Like” or “Follow” your favorite online store on Facebook and Twitter and get notification about their deals, discounts and sales on your Facebook news feed or Twitter feed.

3. Browser Extensions

Most people like to sit at home and browse online stores on their PC and laptops. It is usually the weekend and you have plenty of time to spend on your system. You often end up buying nothing because you don’t find what you are looking for and if you do find it, it is too expensive. The best way to shop online on your PC and laptop is to download or purchase browser tools.

These tools are specifically designed to help in your online shopping experience. They help in getting the users discount codes, coupons, notifications about sales and an optimized research database according to your browsing habits. These apps are usually available to be used on multiple browsers and are easily available on your programs store.

Honey (Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari)

Honey is a browser tool which operates on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. Honey helps you in your shopping experience by getting you discount codes and apply them while you are making your purchase from specific stores. Honey will flash an icon in the toolbar and show you the numbers for the store you are shopping on. With over 1,000 stores supported by Honey, you get the discount notification and coupons for all the stores on your browser.

Shoptimate (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Opera)

Shoptimate is the ultimate price comparing browser for online shopping. Operating on Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari, Shoptimate will help you view the prices of the item you are viewing on a certain online store with the prices available on other stores. This will help you in making a good purchase at a lower price.

Shoptagr (Safari, Chrome)

Shoptagr is supporting 400 stores online. It also has an app. Shoptagr allows you to make a wish-list without making any purchases and gives you notifications for the discounts on the items in your wish list across different stores.

4. Mobile Apps

Many online stores are now offering their mobile apps for the customers to use. These mobile apps allow you to shop from your mobile and also help you by giving discount and sale notifications.

Groupon Shopping App

Groupon App

Shoptagr mobile app helps your mobile shopping experience better by giving you the notifications about sales and discounts on your favorite items.

5. Newsletters

Before we had the apps and browser tools, there was the email and as much as the people might deny it, email is still the safest and effective way of communicating via internet. So if you are a person who checks their email frequently, you can subscribe to the newsletter or forum of your favorite online store. Once you have submitted your email to the online store, the site will send you a newsletter every month or every week (depends on their policy). The newsletter will contain all the latest items available in the store, all items that are going on clearance sale, the upcoming discounts on items and sales. This will help you decide which items to buy from which store and save you time on the browsing and money.

While you are browsing the online store, you should check the sales and clearance sections as well. Checking out the items on sale, you might find something you like with half the price. Make use of all the discounts and sales that you can to make your shopping experience better. Also check TV ads for online sales and discounts.

With these five simple tips, you can save time and money while shopping online and perfect the art of online shopping.

Do you have more shopping tips? Share them with us in the comment section below.


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