In a 2013 article on the future of SEO called Is SEO Dead? Forbes contributor Jayson DeMers said that the future of SEO depends on how you look at it. If SEO means manipulating websites to make them rank higher than they should, then SEO is dead. However, if you want to make your website more understandable and accessible to search engines, then SEO is alive and kicking. Did you know that organic search results are 8.5 times more efficient at generating clicks to your website than a paid result or PPC? At it’s best, SEO does not cut corners and does not try to manipulate the system.

SEO is not dead and will not die because its priorities keep changing. SEO, now, is not so much about marketing as it is about branding. Here are some reasons why investing in SEO is a good idea.



1. SEO is still working

Many SEO techniques like link-buildings still work. However, search engines are getting smarter. Google has made more than 45 updates to its search engine algorithm in the last three years. It is no secret that Google prefers good organic content, against content that is written only for the purpose of inserting keywords or getting back links.

The Hummingbird algorithm looks at finding the meaning of a query instead of just returning results, which contain the keywords. If you can find a way to insert links into good content, than it is good SEO. In fact, the scope of SEO is expanding because audio and video searches are also dependent on text-based content.

2. SEO is cost-effective

SEO is not an added cost. Consider it as an investment. Did you know that many searchers have learned to ignore PPC ads when they are making a query on Google or browsing a website? If you compare SEO to other kinds of online marketing like social media marketing, PPC advertising or buying leads for email marketing, then SEO is more cost-efficient. For example, Jupiter Research has found that 81 percent of those who land on a website reach it through a search engine query.

The biggest benefit of SEO is that it brings better quality traffic. The leads that come to a website through a search engine tend to trust the website more.

3. Search engines enjoy a large market share

More than 80 percent of customers read a product review before they invest in a product online and the number will only increase. There will come a time when virtually everyone will search for products/services online. If you want these people to find your product then, you will have to adopt SEO. Without embracing organic SEO, potential customers will have a hard time reaching you and will find your competitors instead.

4. SEO makes your website more popular

Your website is like a star salesman. Websites are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, through the year and they never call in sick or come late to work. The website does what you ask it to. It never complains and pulls in leads, opt-ins and sales like clockwork. It is the perfect employee, capable of multi-tasking effectively and tackling a large number of prospects at the same time. If you want to focus attention on this sales rock star, do it through SEO.

5. SEO helps you attain a more healthy content profile

Every change that Google and other search engines make to their algorithm, changes how these search engine looks at websites. Some factors, like social media indicators did not exist at one point. However, now they influence your search engine ranking in a big way. Content profiles that spread across months and years are an asset because search engines consider them when ranking your website.

6. Your competitors are engaged in SEO

SEO Jason Bayless, founder of says that SEO does not have an end. If you don’t move forward and improve your position, you will lose ground to your competitors. We are not trying to scare you, but this is how it works. If you ignore SEO, your competitors will outmaneuver you eventually.

Even though search engines like Google have come a long way since the mid-1990s when the technology was launched (for a long time, SEO was all about manual submission, keyword stuffing and Meta keywords tag), they still cannot look at a web page like a human does. SEO helps search engines understand each page and how users can find it useful.

So SEO will remain important to those who want to maintain their competitiveness on the internet. Websites will always compete for placement and attention. Those who have experience and knowledge in improving the ranking of their website are going to benefit from SEO’s ability to bring increased visibility and traffic.


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