iPhone devices are fun and powerful. However, such good aspects come with a disadvantage – low battery capacity. Any intensive user of these devices will need to recharge their phone after a couple of days. For users who need this device all the time, the need to recharge often can be an inconvenience. But do not worry as there are ways to further extend the battery life of your device. Just follow the tips below!

Basic Tips to Extend Your Device’s Battery Life

1. Turn On the Auto-Brightness Function

iPhone devices come with an ambient light sensor. This function works by adjusting screen brightness automatically depending on the light in its surrounding. For instance, the screen becomes brighter in darker places and vice versa. This function allows you to save more battery while also making it easier for you to see depending on the situation.

2. Reduce iPhone’s Screen Brightness

You can control your device’s default brightness. Keep in mind that a brighter default setting will require your iPhone to consume more battery, making it impossible to conserve its power. So, it is better to keep your device’s screen dimmer to enable battery saving.

3. Stop Motions and Animations

It is a feature that can be found on iPhone devices integrated with iOS7. This feature is called the Background Motion. The effect is subtle, but you will notice that the background image and app icons move slightly whenever you move your device, which is referred to as parallax effect. It is a cool effect. Unfortunately, it is also one of those that easily drain a battery’s power. You can keep it turned on to enjoy its effect. But if you wish to conserve your battery’s power, simply turn it off.

4. Turn Off the Bluetooth Function

Bluetooth function is useful for users with earpieces or wireless headsets. However, you need to know that the process of transmitting data via Bluetooth consumes battery and easily drains it. Leaving this function turned on all the time makes it much harder to conserve your iPhone device’s battery. So, it is better to keep this function turned off unless you really need to use it.

5. Keep the Wi-Fi Function Off

It is just one of the high speed networks that an iPhone is designed to connect to, which is even much faster than 3G and 4G. The thing is it is only available in hotspot places. Some users would want to keep their device’s Wi-Fi turned on all the time for the chance of connecting to an open hotspot. But doing so also drains the battery life. Just the same with Bluetooth, you will want to keep it turned off unless you are using it.

6. Turn Off the Cellular Data

It is another of the perpetual connectivity that iPhone devices have. But 3G and 4G LTE connections are more energy consuming, which is the case to get higher quality calls and quicker data speeds. Keep it turned off as well to extend your device’s battery life. You can either choose to leave the Wi-Fi turned on or just turn off all connectivity.

These are the basic ways that you can perform to extend the battery life of your device. So, why not perform these all and see how long your device’s battery life can last now?

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