When it comes to operating systems, popular names such as iOS and Windows or for the smartphone market, the Android systems are termed as reliable systems. What we fail to recognize is the fact that a majority of the devices that exist today run on Linux, that includes your Android device, which employs a Linux system at its heart.

When we think of operating systems, we only think of mobile devices and computers. But there are various other devices and systems that exist in the world today that run on Linux or Linux-based systems. Whether it’s auto-mobiles, traffic control systems, the LHC (Large Hadron Collider), home appliances, etc. The hardware is the most important factor to be considered when Linux has to be installed. Let’s take a look at devices the Linux system can be installed on.

1. The Personal Computer
A Linux operating system can be installed on any standard personal computer, whether it is a desktop, laptop or the netbook. The availability of device drivers makes it far easier to install a Linux operating system on any personal computer.

2. X86 tablets
Windows tablets mainly run on two kinds of processors, the traditional X86 processors from Intel and ARM processors. The ARM is one of the systems based on the RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer).
 The bootloader program on ARM processor based system hasn’t been cracked yet, making it impossible for Linux systems to be installed.

If your system has a 32 or 64 bit processor then there should be no issues installing Linux, hence the X86 based tablets such as the Surface Pro or the Acer Iconia series will allow you to install Linux. There might be issues related to installing Linux, but the versatility of the Linux OS is far better than many systems, so much that you can install it on a USB stick and run it directly from that device.

3. OS X
We covered windows based personal computers, but apple is also a major player when it comes to the personal computing device market. The Linux OS can be installed on many Apple computers, which includes the Power PC devices and the MacBook Pro. You can use the USB stick with Linux installed on it as well.

4. Game consoles
Whether it’s Microsoft’s Xbox, Sony’s PS3 or the Nintendo Wii, Linux can be installed on either of these gaming consoles. Any Sony PS console running on a firmware that is older than 3.2, can be hacked to enable Linux installation. The media center on the Xbox systems, which is now known as Kodi, was originally a Linux-based media center. The Nintendo Wii console can be hacked too, which will allow you to install Linux.

5. Raspberry Pi
The British-built portable computer, can support the Linux OS as well. The Raspberry Pi can support a number of operating systems, the default Raspbian, Arch Linux, Android, variations of the Raspbian-based media centers and there’s a Windows 10 version, as well. All it requires for installing Linux on the Pi, is flashing an SD card with the image, much like the USB stick-based system. The Raspberry Pi is much like the Linux OS in terms of its versatility.

6. Android devices
Android based systems form a major chunk of the smartphone and tablet market. What can be better for a Linux enthusiast to be able to run it on their smart-phones or tablets. There are various ways to find out if your smartphone or table can run the Linux OS, by checking over the internet with XDA developers and related forums or the search term Linux for —- (device name). The fact that Android OS’ are built on the Linux technology, the chances of not being able to install Linux are very low, but a common fact is that the Command Line version is much easier to get than the GUI version.

7. Non-Android devices
Not all, but few tablets and smartphones with special hardware and software make them compatible with the Linux OS. The HP TouchPad and the HTC HD2 are some of these compatible devices.

Apart from these there already exist a plethora of systems that run on the Linux OS. Many wireless routers from Linksys, Netgear and Asus run on the Linux OS. Smart kitchen appliances like the Electrolux Frigidaire Infinity i-kitchen refrigerator has a built in display that allows a lot of functions to control the system and access the internet. Nuclear submarines from Lockheed Martin run on RedHat. Air Traffic Control Systems work on computers based on the Linux OS. The point we are trying to make is that Linux is perhaps as versatile as any OS can get. It has created a benchmark for Operating System technology, owing to its versatility.

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