Facebook launched on February 4, 2004 and became the largest social media in the world. 1 in every 13 people on this Earth has a Facebook account. The numbers are staggering so it’s no surprise that Facebook becomes the number one target for scams, phishing etc.

Staying safe on the largest social media on the net is a must, since you have all your private information in it. In this article, I will list 8 tips plus a bonus to stay safe on Facebook.

1. Don’t use weak passwords:
Don’t use easy to guess passwords such as your name, place of birth etc. Usually, hackers monitor your social activity to get hints of your password; therefore it’s best to use a random generated password. Use an online password generator to generate a strong password and change it every few months. Don’t use one password for all of your accounts, just to be safe in case you got hacked.

2. Keep your Facebook Profile private:
The best practice to stay away from the preying eyes is to keep your Facebook profile private. Keep your wall private as well so strangers don’t know what you are up to.

In addition, keep your pictures private so that people won’t be able to steal your pictures and create fake accounts with them. Only share your stuff with your friends.

3. Turn off public search:
Leaving Public search on allows people outside of Facebook to search and find your profile using search engines such as Google. You can turn it off by going to your Privacy Settings, and under “Who can look me up?”, click on Edit and untick the box that says “Let other search engines link to your timeline.”

4. Turn off your location:
Never share where you live with others. You might think that sharing your exact location can be fun with family and friends, but did you keep in mind the people that you don’t know? When you broadcast your location on social networks, you lose control of the information you are sharing. For instance, let’s say you checked-in in a restaurant or a hotel, you are basically giving a thief a chance to rob your home while you are away.

5. Don’t add/accept strangers:
Don’t add or accept friend requests from people you don’t know. Simply because hackers or stalkers create fake Facebook profiles and add you to either steal your information or to see what you are up to. Stay away from profiles that have no pictures or have pictures of celebrities, animals etc. Just add and only accept your friends that you trust.

6. Don’t install unknown apps:
Don’t install apps that you are not familiar with. Some apps can steal your information or have malware. Once your computer or smartphone becomes infected, they will steal your password and your private information and sell them to the black market. Once that happens, the scammers will use your stolen identity to borrow loans, create credit cards under your name and more. This of course will damage you financially and damage your reputation and career.

7. Follow the Sophos Blog, Naked Security:
To maximize your Facebook safety, you can follow the Sophos Blog, Naked Security. Sophos Blog reports on the latest Facebook phishing scams, malware, fake apps and some weird news. It’s updated regularly so you won’t miss anything. Sophos has become one of the best sources for Facebook scams.

8. Be smart:
Think twice before you post or do anything on Facebook. You don’t want to write something and end up on the front page of a news paper. Don’t click on any links that you are not sure of or click on a porn link. Usually, scammers use bait links to try and infect your system with malware. Monitor any suspicious activity on your wall, news feed or inbox and don’t download anything from Facebook.

Bonus tip: Follow Facebook’s Security page
You can follow Facebook’s Security page. It’s a Facebook page that gives you tips and tricks to stay safe on Facebook. It’s updated regularly and teaches you how to protect your account from the latest scamms.

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  1. Sherryl Perry

    You have some really good tips here for staying safe on Facebook. I wasn’t aware of the Sophos Blog. I just checked it out and they have some interesting articles. I’m always looking for content to share. So, I’m following them now. I also liked the Facebook Security page. (That one had eluded me as well.) Thanks for the tips!
    Sherryl Perry recently posted…Twitter, Content Marketing and Social Media Resources #FridayFindsMy Profile


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