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Our Mission?

To provide beginners and professionals with tutorials on different technology concepts, latest trends and products in a quick and easy way.

Who are we?

James Hurmiz

James Hurmiz – The founder and owner of Online Technology World

Online Technology World was founded in October 2014 by James Hurmiz, a computer engineer. His mission was to focus on providing quality technology related tutorials and tips. Not only that, but he wanted to also focus on providing security related tutorials, so that people using the internet can have a safe experience.

James has over 10 years experience in the IT industry and over 9 years in the videography business, thus all of his article tips come from his experience in the fields. His goal is to make this site one of the biggest technology sites on the net that not only provides visitors with endless tutorials but to also build a strong connection between users and their devices through education.

What do we provide?

Information Technology is essential part of modern life. Not just in our homes but it has its influence on enterprises as well. We are using different tools and technologies to maintain our work and personal life. For example different software and hardware components, wireless access points, firewalls, virus scanners, network routers, databases, web servers, storage and backup systems are becoming necessary for us. Technology has made it easier to manage our routine tasks and have speedy communication with others. With the advantages of computer systems, our world has changed now. Information technology has vital role in finance, production and security departments of different organizations.

We at Online Technology World provide a lot of stuff on the latest news, practical manuals, and detailed tutorial of technology products. All our articles emphasize the need and use of technology in your daily life. These articles will help you to be in touch with new advancements in the world of information technology. We have wide variety of articles about computer and technology news.

This website has best stuff of computers and information technology for the beginners, learners and also for professionals. We have qualified and experienced team of expert writers that are very competent and have full command over all technology news and information as they always remain in touch with new advancement in the vast and diverse field of information technology.

Our articles will provide you assistance to learn about different technology concepts, latest trends and products in a quick and easy way. Once you come and visit the site it will become your final destination for learning and having access to the latest news and advancements in the field of information technology. We have cutting-edge articles that will definitely help you to learn different concepts of technology easily.

Online Technology World is dedicated to all the necessary information of technology. You will find a lot more articles about all new advancement in the field of information technology, the latest news about technology guidelines and tips for learning technology stuff, manuals to learn how to use different technology based products efficiently. You will find many articles on various specific fields of technology like hardware and software devices, Web application, Networking, Use of technology in media services.

Articles on our website cover all current and future technology trends. It’s a trusted source to have all authentic information related to the world of information technology.


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