The days of keeping all of your data in the cloud are approach. People now, keep most of their data on the internet, and this is very helpful as one can easily access that data from many of the devices. This one question arises in mind that if this data is safer and protected or not. Dealing with data is one of the most important problems nowadays. Many software application companies are dealing with this problem in order to make data more secure.

Image By  FutUndBeidl under CC BY 2.0

How my data is not secure in the cloud?

1. Many times, data can be easily obtained using password hacking. Hackers only hack your password and then carry your data. It is one of the most widely used means by which can be insecure. Hackers use this way to bring data quickly because other ways are very tricky.

2. Data can also be captured on the route. It means that your data can be obtained on the route. You should check whether while writing every address your application works by writing “HTTP” or “HTTPS”, the extra “S” indicates a higher level of security and the data is transferred in encrypted form. In this way, if any hacker fetches your data, then will not have your data.

3. People are mostly dangerous in this case. Do not give your password to anyone. Social engineering is a term, most important for the loss or leakage of data. People in your office, universities or schools, mostly leak your data.

4. Some companies in the world can provide your data to government for some intelligence purposes. It is also one of the ways of leakage of your data.

How to make your data secure?

  • You can make your data secure by using real applications like Dropbox, Sugarsync or Amazon Cloud Drive. The applications like this, have higher levels of security that helps you prevent your data from leakage.
  • The application you are using should encrypt your data before saving. In this way, your data will be very secure.
  • You should read the terms and conditions of any application before letting it handle your data, some of them will not allow anyone’s access to your data and users should prefer that software.
  • You should also choose superb password for any of your file handling software so that no one will be able to have access to your data.


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