August update

Online Technology World August Update

Hello lovely readers, I hope you are all doing very well. Sorry for being away for so long and not updating the website, as I was busy planning few updates for the site. Soon you will see more interesting artic...
OTW Facebook Page

Our Online Technology World’s New Facebook Page

Hello Online Technology World's lovely readers. I would like to announce our new Facebook Page. Please follow, like and share our content with your friends and family. I will be uploading cool Tech pictures, gr...
An astronaut on the moon

Do Astronauts Have Internet Access In The Outer Space?

Astronauts have huge responsibilities and tasks to complete. They undergo extensive training and testing before they are able to participate in a spaceflight. They must prove that they are able to handle everyt...
Fidget spinners

The Origins Of The Fidget Spinners And Their Benefits

Fidget spinners have taken us by surprise lately and can be found everywhere. They can be seen from advertisements on Facebook to shopping centers everywhere. So what’s the deal behind a fidget spinner and what...

You Can Now Write For Us

Since I receive a lot of requests for article submission to my website every day, I've now included a page on how you can submit your article to this website. Please read it thoroughly, as I will only pick up a...


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