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You Can Now Write For Us

Since I receive a lot of requests for article submission to my website every day, I've now included a page on how you can submit your article to this website. Please read it thoroughly, as I will only pick up a...

5 Mistakes Amateur Bloggers Make

Blogging has been an essential source of means for many business models. Internet enthusiasts have taken to creating blogs that can develop their experience as bloggers and create wealth in forms of professiona...

Should You Buy A Mac?

Three Apples have changed the world for good. The first one involved "Adam and Eve", the second one fell on Newton’s head and the third one that Steve Jobs brought to us. The "Apple" has sort of a Midas touc...
Technology World

The Impact Of Technology On Our Lives

Since technology's existence, mankind has been involved in searching for and exploring things that tells them about more things. To date, the struggle has stayed the same but the methods and times have changed....
computer repair guy

5 Things Your Computer Repair Guy Knows About You

We IT Technicians/Tech nerds/computer engineers (whatever you want to call us) are not just nerds, but we are smart enough to know a lot about you just by looking at your computer. We don’t say this to scare yo...


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