The Dark Web, which forms a smaller part of the deep web, is content that requires specific software and authorization to access. It’s basically an encrypted network that exists between servers and their clients that are hidden. It consists of good people who are trying to make a difference, known as white hatters such as privacy advocates and whistle blowers, as well as dark hatters, such as computer hackers, criminals, blackmailers, guns, forgers, child porn and drug dealers.

However, the dark web can not be accessed using a normal browser like Chrome, it can only be accessed using anonymous browsers such as Tor. Tor is an anonymous and secure web browser that hides your location and browsing habits.

The scary part is, the dark web is becoming an attractive option for criminals all around the world, since it is not monitored.

Here’s a video explaining in detail what the dark web is and the secretes it hides.


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