Along with the release of iPad Pro and iPhone 6S, Apple has introduced an updated version of their operating system software – iOS 9, for the existing devices manufactured by it. The new iOS 9 offers new as well as improved services, features and functions that make users love Apple more. This new version of iOS has given a heavy competition to Android’s operating system run by Google. Apple has given faster access to news as well as other type of data necessary for them to review frequently.

Below are the amazing services, features and functions that the new iOS 9 offers iPhone and iPad users with.

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Enhanced battery life
Earlier, Apple received a lot of negative feedback regarding the battery life of iOS 8 that it is very short and needs recharging often. Therefore, now the iOS 9 does not consume a lot of energy enabling the users to use their Apple devices a lot longer than before. The operating system is made more efficient using the latest technologies such as proximity sensors along with the ambient light. As soon as the device is facedown, the light turns off and does not turn back on even on the arrival of a notification. In addition to that, there is a new mode known as Low Power which even further extends the life of the battery in Apple’s devices.

The new and improved modes for saving power
The modes of saving power have been improved so that the battery life lasts longer and the users are able to use iPhones and iPads much more conveniently. Apple’s latest iPhones such as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S, have a life of battery that lasts for three more hours as compared to previous Apple’s phones. However, there may be few cut downs due to the extended battery life such as dim background life.

Small installation size
Previously, Apple has been criticized a lot for making an operating system that consumes a lot of space and offering only 16GB on its iPhones, which is very less compared to how much space Apple’s own applications consume. Now, although Apple continues to offer the same space in its new handsets such as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S, it has made its new iOS 9 guzzle small space. For instance, iOS 8 was 4.58GB in size but the iOS 9 is only 1.30 GB in size. The iOS 9 may even remove and reinstall the apps in order to make the updates happen faster. So now users will have a lot of free space that they could use for their own personal purposes.

iOS 9 provides multitasking facility on Apple’s devices
Samsung got huge popularity by providing a unique multitasking facility on its devices such as the TouchWiz. But now, Apple also offers this facility to the users through its iOS 9. However, this feature is only offered on the iPad devices and not on the iPhones. In future, they may make it available for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S users. Through this feature, users can easily operate two apps at one time and on a single screen.

Similar to Android’s Lollipop 5.0 version, Apple also provides its users with horizontal scrolling to close multiple apps at a single time while using multiple fingers in iOS 9 version.

Siri becomes smarter
Earlier Siri was given the third position because Google’s search voice and Microsoft’s Cortana had taken the second and first position. But now, Apple provides a smarter Siri in the new iOS 9. Now Siri has better voice recognition and quickly searches for the data you want to access. In fact, in the new devices, Siri will always be in an active listening mode so that even when users say “hey Siri” while their screens is locked, it can do its job well. However, the clever protection strategy that Apple used over here is that this feature will be voice specific to the owner of the device. So unless it is the owner’s voice, Siri will not respond.

The Proactive feature

In the new iOS 9, one interesting and attention grabbing feature is that it gathers all the relevant data that the owner would like to see and display it on the screen. This data could include news, recent people you have contacted, recent apps that you have used, scheduled flights, date, calendar, alarms, etc. Now Apple provides more security to its users by only keeping the data in the device’s memory and not sharing it via a server or any other third party.

Changed Keyboard
The new keyboard look that iPhone and iPad users will get in the new iOS 9 is simply amazing. There is a new feature called “QuickType” that this operating system offers on Apple devices, which allows users to conveniently type. Moreover, there will also be improved version of suggested spellings, autocorrect and auto complete offered by iOS 9. Within the keyboard, the users will also get the options of copy, paste, cut, add attachment, file or image and many more.

New and Improved Maps
In iOS 9, users will get better directions through Apple Maps as they are more advanced and detailed so that the users completely understand all the ways to reach to their destination. Apple offers indoor directions such as the public buses directions as well as walking directions to the shopping malls, airports, hotels, etc.

News Feed by Apple
In the new version of Apple’s operating software, users will be provided access to the latest news quicker than before. Apple has paired with different news agencies to provide relevant, interesting and most recent news in a fun, interactive and beautiful manner so that users can enjoy while reading and become engaged for longer durations.

Besides these amazing features, there are lots of other features as well that Apple provides through its new iOS 9. Apple has resolved lots of complaints and acted upon the suggestions of their users in order to provide them with a more enjoyable and convenient experience.

Hands on with iOS 9


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