Here’s some evidence that Facebook’s revenue is based on fake likes. This is what Facebook does to get more money from your business:

Creating a business page:

You create a business page and Facebook tells you to promote it. You think that’s great, you promote your page to get more likes so that you can get more sales, and hopefully your business becomes popular…

Except that will NOT happen:

Yes you will get more likes, in fact thousands of likes for a couple of dollars but do you know what Facebook did to your business page? They damaged it…..And here’s how..

Facebook’s likes are fake:

Facebook have what we call “Click Farms“, people who get paid a $1 for every 1000 pages that they like in the developing countries such as India. Now the problem with that is you get people who are totally uninterested in your business to like your page. That’s a disaster for your business, because uninterested people mean they don’t engage with your content which means your posts only reach a few people. Therefore your posts only reach 1% of your page fans.

But wait there’s more…

Now Facebook knows your posts aren’t reaching all your fans, so they give you an option to promote your posts. Did you see what Facebook did there? Facebook makes fake people like your page so that you can promote your posts. You are selling your own content so that people can see it when in fact you can do that free of charge on other social media websites such as Twitter or Google plus. Facebook is killing two birds with one stone.

So what do you do?

You have to know how Facebook’s Algorithm works:

Facebook works by first distributing your post to couple of people to see their reaction. If they like it or share it, Facebook will think that this post is of a good quality, so they will distribute your post to more people. In this case your fake fans are not engaging, so when Facebook distributes your posts to those fake fans, they don’t engage with it making Facebook think your posts are of low quality or is not interesting enough, hence why your posts don’t reach out to all of your fans.

And that’s how Facebook is squeezing every buck from you just by promoting your page or posts. Don’t promote your page so that you don’t build up fake fans who will not engage with your content. Here’s a detailed video of Facebook’s fake likes. Share this article so everyone knows about it.

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