It is said that a picture speaks a thousand words and the success of Pinterest and its increasing use by businesses for online marketing testifies to the truth of this old adage. This visual platform is a great sales tool especially for businesses that target female audiences since 80 percent of Pinterest users happen to be women. Adding visuals to your marketing campaigns works wonders in increasing your conversions and that is an excellent reason for you to start using this effective tool in the right way to promote your products and services. So how exactly do you drive traffic to your website using Pinterest? Take a look.

Does your profile mention your website?

If your Pinterest profile does not mention your website you are missing out on a simple way to get more attention from the audience. In your Pinterest account, go to Settings and in the Edit Profile option, add your website to your Pinterest profile. Make sure that your Pinterest account is a business account so that your viewers will know the website is genuine and that it does indeed belong to you.

Create a board

Many savvy business owners have boards on Pinterest that let them showcase videos and pictures that will interest and inform their audience. For example, if you are in the hair styling business, your board could contain videos and pictures showing how to create various styles. Your viewers will love to try them all out which means they will probably revisit your pins or better yet, re-pin so that their friends can benefit too! Creating and maintaining a board that gives your audience visuals that they can use or enjoy is a great way to improve your visibility in Pinterest as well as across all of cyberspace.

Pins with a call to action

Make sure your pins come with a clear call to action and you will be amazed at the interest you generate among your audience. A simple call to action, say, Click here for details, can translate into innumerable clicks that bring viewers to your website. Remember that on Pinterest, the viewers are actively searching for specific things or shopping unlike with other social media channels. Adding a call to action allows you to take advantage of this difference in viewer behavior.

Making your pins description viable

You don’t want to write an essay for your Pins description but leaving it blank is an absolute waste of prime marketing space. You can use descriptions to drive more traffic to your website simply by adding the site’s url in there. When a viewer reads the description he/ she can also click on it, come to your website and know more about the picture you have on Pinterest. Remember to make the description easy to read, unambiguous and attractive to readers.

Information rich pins draw more attention

A picture may speak a thousand words but a rich pin goes one better and draws a great deal more attention. To create a rich pin you need to add information that adds value to the visual. For example, mentioning the price of a product underneath its visual or adding the ingredients for a recipe result in rich pins that grab viewer attention quickly. When your website address is mentioned in such pins, the chances that you have a visitor making his way to your site are doubled.

Do you use Pinterest to drive traffic to your website? What methods have you used? Let us know in the comment section below. Share this article with your friends if you find it useful.


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