In the today’s world of threats cape, there are a number of hackers who may hack your computer just for enjoyment or may be for their benefit. The available antivirus softwares are not coping with that technology properly. These antiviruses give you just a little peace to your mind. The antimalware softwares are also inaccurate. That gives a way to malicious hackers to get in your computer through multiple tactics.

To fight against this, there is a need of antimalware program that will monitors your system against viruses and will make your computer much better than before. The process is often called heuristic that can catch the malware that is not recognized.

Now here we are going to discuss some important points that will make you understand that if your computer has been hacked or not?

– Fake messages of antivirus
This is the surest sign for your system that makes you feel that your computer has been compromised. What you people do is that by viewing at warning messages through your antivirus software, you people will not take any serious action and even most of you will not click on NO or cancel the fake virus scan. You guys only start scanning process, and most of the damages have been done through it.
What should you exactly do is to shut down your computer and then starts your computer in a safe mode system?

– Toolbars of unwanted browsers
This is the second sign for damaging your system. You have different browsers installed in your system that has a number of toolbars that looks attractive and helpful. It will also harm your computer, and it is better that you should uninstall these toolbars as soon as possible if you really want to save your computer through these bogus toolbars.

– Fake emails from your account
It is also another way of hacking. For malware, it is very common to send fake emails to everyone from your account by making a survey of your email address book.

– Passwords change
If one of your passwords has been suddenly changed, this is surely understood that someone has hacked your service.

– Software installed unexpectedly
Most of the malwares have now Trojans and worms, and they will install themselves automatically and runs into your system. And automatically your system has become hacked.

– Things have been done in your system by itself
It can be done if your mouse cursor is moving itself in your computer without your permission. It means that someone is remotely controlled your system, and now your computer is hacked and the person to whom that authority is damaging your privacy.


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