How to

Private Data

How To Safely Delete Your Private Data Forever

Deleting saved data from phones, tablets, laptops, computers and other devices that you no longer need, can be done in several ways. We often just need to get rid of stored information that we would prefer not ...
Home Network Modem

How To Setup A Home Network In Few Simple Steps

A home network or a home area network is a link that connects multiple devices (usually a computer, Xbox, Wii, a laptop, and printer) to get them all working under one internet connection. The other function is...
Facebook Business Page

How To Best Use Facebook For Your Business

Nowadays, almost everyone have social media accounts and knows how to access it especially Facebook. Most people use the social media giant Facebook, whether they’re an individual or a business. Like any you...

How To Protect Your Router From Malware

Setting up a wireless router is easy. Basically, you turn your cable or DSL modem off and your wireless router on. Connect the router to the modem with a cable and turn the modem on. You are mostly done. The sy...


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