Apple has taken the spotlight in the run for the greatest technological event of 2014 by introducing iPhone 6 and possible iWatch for all its users and fans. Numerous people have already started to line up for buying the soon to be released device in major cities of US. Fans waited anxiously to get their hands on the possible fastest selling cell phone of all time.

Image by Kārlis Dambrāns under CC BY 2.0

Mostly of all the rumors and updates expected from the new iPhone, a larger screen is what catches the most attention. As a rival of Apple, Samsung has turned towards producing Smartphones with screens as large as 5.9inches. Two versions of iPhone 6 with different screen sizes, 4.7inches and 5.5inches are introduced. A larger screen is what many people desire these days especially when it comes to getting the latest Smartphone. Larger screens help users to interact with the device conveniently and create the multitasking methods accessibly. iPhone 6 has indeed gone towards a bigger size.

Many polls conducted online have suggested that a better battery life will improve the sales of iPhone 6 significantly. There are features that Apple intends to introduce with iPhone 6 that helps users attain particular settings that help save battery and increase battery life altogether.

Ultra HD recording from a 13 megapixel camera is another added feature iPhone 6. The previous version of iPhone that is the iPhone 5 had an eight megapixel camera which was similar to the other iPhone 5’s introduced and no apparent difference was introduced. This time iPhone 6 will go big and provide better pictures under low light, and wider options of filters will be available. Users will be able to attach the lens to the iPhone 6 and increase the image quality. Furthermore, the latest iOS 8 gives faster clicks and enhanced editing features. Sharing photos is also more accessible than before through various features added onto the new operating system.

On the other hand, IOS 8 has faced a little problem after the introduction of iPhone6. A particular search showed that users are not too adamant on updating their firmware on their Apple products. IOS 8 has not come up to the expectations of the people and hence the iPhone 6 has suffered a lot of criticism. Apple iPhone 6 has managed to uphold the name of its brand. The rapid sales of this smartphone suggest that no matter what iPhone experiments with its products, it’s always going to sell.


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