Hello lovely readers, I hope you are all doing very well. Sorry for being away for so long and not updating the website, as I was busy planning few updates for the site. Soon you will see more interesting articles about daily tech and I will expand it further more. I promise that I will make this website one of the biggest tech tutorials out there, so stay tuned.

Moreover, today I will introduce to you the following updates and few more on the way that I’m currently working on. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out on anything.

Introducing “Photography” tutorials

I will be writing articles and giving out tips about photography on this site. I will also teach you how to become a professional photographer and how you can open your own business. Since I’m a wedding photographer/videographer for 9 years, I will teach you everything I know about handling weddings, how to shoot them, choosing the right camera and lenses and how to deal with the light and certain situations and environments. I will teach you all about the triangle exposure, rule of thirds, colors, using Adobe Lightroom to edit multiple photos and more.

Redesigning OTW and logo

Online Technology World will be redesigned to meet today’s design standards and strategy. The site’s speed will also increase, giving you a flawless browsing experience. The new design will focus completely on user experience, speed, organization and top quality articles and tutorials. OTW’s logo will also be redesigned, giving you a better look and experience.

Introducing my personal website

I have created a personal website for myself (jameshurmiz.com) which has few videos and photos that I took. You can visit the website if you want to learn more about who I am and what I do. I will upload more videos and photos in the upcoming days.

I don’t accept guest posts anymore

If you remember a while back, I wrote few rules in which you can follow to submit your guest posts to be featured on this site. However, after having bad experiences, and the amount of poor quality article submissions that I got bombarded with, I decided to not accept guest posts anymore.

The purpose of this site is to provide users with top quality and unique articles. I spend a lot of effort and time in writing just one article, so that readers can benefit from them, and I don’t want to fill my website with poor quality articles that were written just to get few back-links. So unless your article is top quality, unique, well researched and can benefit my readers then don’t expect me to accept it.

Remember, our goal is to provide the best technology related tutorials and tips, and quality is our main priority. We want to build a good reputation as a trusted source for information. Thus, I don’t write articles for the sake of SERPs or for SEO purposes. I write articles simply so that readers can benefit from my experience.

Thanks for reading and please subscribe to this site. Have a good day.


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