In these recent years there’s been an increase of various specific situations that made people feel more skeptical about giving their personal data online, but at the same time the rapid and steady growth of digital banking systems and online shopping has us all using the internet for all kinds of payments and other risky operations.

From the various dangers of the deep web, to hackers stealing credit card information, to malicious sites that prey on the uninformed, the internet is now a very unsafe place. The general public has a right to trust no one, or at least to be as careful as possible, and surely it’s for their own good. Once you’ve shared your email address for instance, if somebody has an interest to crack your password, it can very easily become a very serious situation and depending on the person in question, who knows what kind of sensitive data can be found there.

For these reasons it’s strongly suggested that if you decide to share any personal info on the web, it should only be on trusted sites, and today we’re going to introduce to you a handy online tool that can be useful to many different business professionals.

PDF to Excel converts PDF files back to Microsoft’s Excel format, which is one of the most used programs in the world that has almost an infinite number of applications, but first let’s quickly cover why the aforementioned Excel file is in PDF form in the first place.

The Portable Document Format (PDF) is used for a very long time for sharing of business documents between computers and devices because of its unique characteristic to be seen perfectly and without any defects or anomalies, no matter what operating system or the device it is viewed on. But once it is created out of another file (in this case Excel), it becomes a view-only file, and changes cannot be made to it. The only way to edit such a file is to return it to its previous state, with the use of software that is designed just for that task.

This free online tool does exactly that. It restores all the data that the PDF flattened into one singular whole back to an editable state, so you can reuse the file you received any way you want.

PDF to Excel Converter

How does it function?

There are just a few light steps that you need to go through to get your file converted. Again, one of the most important things that differentiates this tool from other similar ones is that no user information is required, and that the files that get converted on it are deleted in batches every six hours.

Step 1

PDF to Excel

The first step is to select the file you want to convert, and besides from your hard drive, you can directly upload the file from your Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive account.

Step 2

The conversion will auto-start as soon as you choose the file, and for standardized sizes (nothing too big), it lasts for about a minute. Also there is no limit to the size of the file, just the duration differs.

Step 3

PDF to Excel 3

After the process is complete, the only remaining thing to do is to download the file to your computer, and perform all the corrections and changes you previously wanted to, but couldn’t.

This is all for right now, stay tuned for more useful tricks about other software tools that can help you achieve more in as little time as possible.


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