Samsung has been working for a long time in the cell phone industry now. The Samsung Galaxy series can be named one of the most top selling series of Samsung and in the sub-category; Galaxy Note has the highest sales all over the world.

With the latest induction of Samsung Galaxy Note 4, high-end power machines are in reach of everyone. The larger screen offers greater performance and even bigger productivity. In short, Samsung has the best “big” for its users now.

Image By Vladimir Fedotov under CC BY 2.0

Some of the admired features of Note 4 include responsive S pen, quality camera, premiere screen, faster charging and smart select. The advanced S pen indicates higher pressure sensitivity

It’s easier to handle the stylus while writing and your drawings/doodles are more precisely carved onto the screen now. The F19 lens front camera and 16mp back camera resolves the problem with taking images in dark areas; the pictures will be clear and brighter in low light conditions.

The big touch screen showcases ultra-high definition resolution for crystal clear view. A High resolution makes sure that all the images you see are beyond the expectations of your human eye and portrays the best of Samsung’s features. In the case of batteries, everyone is concerned about the durability.

Samsung has improved the battery recharging speed and now you can recharge a half of the battery on the galaxy note 4 in just 30 minutes that is significantly lower time required than note 3.

In the midst of the extravagant features Note 4 is offering, there is a cost to paid, and it’s not just a mere cost. A package free Note four will cost around $700-850 which is quite some amount for a 5.7” Smartphone.

The dimensions chosen for it also makes it difficult to handle the phone with a single hand. But Samsung still managed to give a light weight Note 4 despite the heavy features attached to it.

Overall, the verdict on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is excellent. Samsung has finally provided the world with perfect a technological gadget demanded by many. Note 4 maybe a little expensive and big for many customers out there but the quality and high-end specifications makeup for the demands of Samsung. Maybe in the new edition of the Samsung note we would see some modification in the dimensions and a lower price.


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