In today’s time of fast technology, most of the accessories are turning into mobile electronic devices, that can be easily attached to your body; like smart watches and fitness bands. However, these devices that get attached to our body are not secure at all.

In a recent study, researchers found that these Smart Watches and other fitness bands are not so secure as you might think, these devices can be easily used to steal your ATM pin number and other personal data. The motion sensors used in these wearable devices is where the risk lies. These sensors can easily collect information about your hand movements and other usability data, and this makes it easy for hackers to reproduce the trajectories of your hand and regenerate the secret key that you entered, such as a pin number.

Smartwatches Revealing PINs

Security experts have found that almost every wearable device contains one security vulnerability that makes it easy for the hackers to hack your device. With an increase demand in wearable technology, we can see a vast increase in the adoption of smartwatches. Thus, it is the responsibility of the manufacturers to pay close attention towards customer security, as these devices can easily open doors for hacker’s to exploit, stealing valuable information.

However, as a user, it’s critical to take precautions while transmitting personal data or connecting Smartwatches into various networks, as they can be exploited easily.

In a Research that was done by Binghamton University and the Stevens Institute of Technology, has shown that with the help of a computer algorithm, it was possible to crack a user’s PIN or passwords, with an astonishing 80% accuracy.

How can they retrieve your Passwords and PINs Using this Algorithm?

Researchers have found that these “Backward PIN-Sequence Inference” algorithm can easily be used to capture anything a person types on a keypad, even the slight hand movements can be easily captured while entering PINs or any other personal details. Researchers have also found that Hackers can install a fake keypad into your smartwatch or fitness band to record your inputs.

Here are some of the methods used by hackers to attack your wearable devices:

According to the research team, it was found that there’s a unique technique that can reveal personal data and PINs from wearable devices without any contextual information.

There are two types of hacking techniques that can be achieved easily, these are:

  • Internal Attack
  • Sniffing Attacks.

With the use of internal attack, hackers can access embedded sensors in wrist-worn wearable devices through the use of malware. This malware works by waiting until the user accesses his/her key-based security system, and then it sends sensor data back to the hacker. This way, a hacker can aggregate the sensor data to determine the victim’s PIN. A hacker can also place a wireless sniffer close to a key-based security system so as to eavesdrop sensor data from these wearable devices which are sent using Bluetooth to the user’s associated smartwatch and other wearable devices.

Smartwatch Phone Call


Researchers have not yet found any specific solution for this problem but have suggested to the device developer companies to inject a certain type of noise to the device data. So that hackers cannot use the drives data and algorithm hand movements, and it is an effective solution, especially for fitness tracking purposes such as activity recognition and step counts.

Another simple and best way is to not use these smart watch or sensor tracking gadgets while going for financial transactions and while entering your passwords or PINs, or you can use your other hand that doesn’t have any wearable device.

Keep in mind that wearable devices are the future but however, they have their disadvantages as well.

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