Back in the days, creating a website was something that only IT Geeks were capable of doing, but however, with today’s advancement in technology anyone can create one with few clicks, no effort at all and without the need to know any kind of coding. Nevertheless, not everyone understands the concept of website building and the creativity that goes behind it, so people tend to forget about the creative aspect behind the process and end up with a horrible design, either due to a lack of knowledge/experience or simply laziness.

To solve this problem, some companies have created “Automated Web Designer” apps that can create average looking websites with few clicks of a button. Apps such as Artisteer, can create simple websites instantly without having the coding knowledge and the finished design can be exported to popular Content Management Systems such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. The problem is that such apps can be buggy and can be a hassle to fix.

What most people tend to forget is that any website builder software is only a tool and if you don’t have the right vision and the design principles, then you will still screw up to make your site function and look good.

Think of your website as a resume. It has to be written good and looking good. You don’t want to send out your resume if it’s poorly written and looks horrible, do you?

I don’t want to complicate the process to you but what I’m trying to say is that if you don’t know what you are doing then it’s best to leave it to the pros. If you want to take the challenge upon yourself and learn coding and designing, then is for you. Keep in mind that an experienced designer knows how to implement the design principles and can take full advantage of a template that you choose.

Okay, enough talk and let’s get to the list. In this list I will show you the 10 websites that are atrociously awful for 2017, should have never been made and should’ve been left for the professionals. I will also share some useful tips that will come in handy if you ever plan to create your own website, and please consider them so you avoid being in my list.

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Here’s the list…

1. Patimex – This is a Polish charcoal company that has a devil frying a sausage as a mascot. Oh yeah and it’s flash based with a lovely background music. Good luck with that.

2. The Room – Horrible design, long home page, ugly GIFs, flash animations, and it’s not responsive.

3. Irish Wrecks Online – 1990s design, no navigation menus, the website loads really slow, ugly graphics, non-responsive, and overall the website is simply ugly.

4. Electrifying Times – Non responsive, long home page, 1990s design, lovely GIFs, confusing navigation menus, no social media icons, some text is too small to read.

5. Cloud 9 Walkers – What can I say about this website, we get it you love horses but that website could’ve been at least decent looking. Beyond the ugly design of the 1990s, there’s that background, confusing navigation menus, very unorganized, too much text, long home page, non responsive, ugly GIFs.

6. Sinhala Movies – Beware, visiting this website will give you seizures. The homepage is filled with animated GIFs and it’s very long. It’s also non responsive.

7. Govind Tiwari – Note, here’s another website that will give you seizures. This website is horrible in every shape and form. Horrible GIFs, flashy background, non responsive, bad English, obsessed with pictures of himself on his website, and what’s with that blinking picture?

8. Monkzone – So you are a Jazz musician and what do you do to promote your work? You create one of the worst websites on the net. Ugly colors, unreadable text, ugly GIFs, and confusing navigation menus.

9. Freizeitpark Herne – A German website that I guess haven’t heard flash is dead. Horrible design, ugly animations and graphics.

10. Tru-Tech: Roofing and Waterproofing Professionals – Awful music with awful intro, the site opens up in a pop up, flash based and non responsive, confusing navigation menus.

How to avoid the embarrassment?

avoid embarrassment

Leave it to the pros

Creating websites requires plenty of creativity and effort. If you have no experience with websites, then ask someone who is a pro to do it for you, or hire someone at Upwork. Yes, it might be expensive but you will save yourself from the embarrassment. As you saw the list, having such websites will not get you any customers if you are a business. Create a quality website to win quality customers.

Use the latest technology

Flash is dead, thus making sure your website is build on today’s technology is crucial. For example, today people use their mobile phones to surf the net or shop online and if your website is not responsive then no one will bother to visit your site.

Use today’s trends

As you may know, flash is totally dead and you should never ever build a flash based website. Your website must meet today’s demands for two reasons. First, so that you won’t get punished by Google and second; mobile phones are taking over and people love using them to surf the net or shop online. If your website fails to meet these demands, then you won’t have any visitors or worse; you won’t have any customers if you are a business.

Also make sure you are site is built using a Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress or Joomla. Stay away from static websites.

Avoid WYSIWYG/web design generators programs

Yes, there are a lot of cheap programs out there that can create average looking sites with few clicks of a button, but these sites produce bad quality codes. They usually have very slow loading times, plenty of errors, and come with ugly graphics. Best advice is to get someone to do it for you or try WordPress and buy a theme from Themeforest.

Be organized and prepared

Before you create a website, write down what the website is about, who your target audience is and what you plan to achieve from it. You can’t just create a site and then forget about it, be prepared to spend a lot of time updating it and creating new content, as well as organizing it.

Consider SEO and optimization

What is the point of writing quality content but no one can find it or it’s really hard to get to it? That’s why you should consider optimizing your content for SEO and doing your keyword research.

Look at other websites

Don’t be afraid to check out other successful websites and be inspired by their design. Look at what makes their design unique and why visitors are attracted to them. Write down what you like about their design and try to apply it to your site.


Looking at these terrible designs, we learn that creativity is not for everybody. If you have no clue on how to build a site then it’s best to leave it to the pros, especially if you are a business. People will judge a business by the website they are visiting, and if it doesn’t look good then they will find someone else.

Always keep your site up-to-date with the latest trends and designs and make sure it provides quality content.


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