Released on 27 September 2016 (in North America) and 29 September 2016 (the rest of the world), FIFA 17 was the next FIFA series released by EA and and took the features to the next level. FIFA 17 was the first game in the series to use the Frostbite game engine that introduced spectacular graphics, sound and presentation. FIFA 17 also introduced “The Journey”; a single player story campaign in which players take the role of a fictional 17-year-old character, Alex Hunter who is trying to make his mark in the English Premier League. Players are able to select any club in the Premier League to play and start the season and can only choose an up field position such as ST, RW, LW and CAM. The story mode is similar to the Mass Effect series in which the game features a dialogue wheel.

The game also introduced cool new features such as new attacking techniques, active intelligence system, new penalty system and physical player overhaul. Unlike FIFA 16, FIFA 17 received quite positive reviews upon release and EA was praised for introducing such a big feature as The Journey, and has been the fastest selling FIFA edition of the franchise.

However, just like the previous versions of the game, there are times in which the game starts to become frustrating to play with. As we spend hours and hours playing the game, those annoying things can drive us nuts and wish EA could fix them as soon as possible.

Here’s a list of what I found annoying in FIFA 17, after playing the game for few months. Let me know in the comment section below what you hate the most about this game.

1. FIFA 17’s scripted transfers

FIFA 17 Transfer Window

Even though FIFA 17 has remarkably improved over the previous FIFA version, they still missed the unrealistic and awful transfers that happen in the career mode. Not only it’s very unrealistic, but it also makes the career mode completely unenjoyable and predictable.

Scripted transfers take the joy out of the transfer window as teams become uninteresting and not unique at all. While some players might have no problems at all with the scripting, I find it completely annoying.

Moreover, it’s disappointing to see that EA hasn’t improved the transfer window and is as unrealistic as the last FIFA installment. EA, please improve the transfer window.

2. Unrealistic goalkeeper saves

FIFA 17 Manuel Neuer

I don’t know if goalkeepers in FIFA 17 are actually humans or if EA is trolling us. Have you seen the way they dive to save a shot while playing the game? Sometimes the goalkeepers defy the laws of physics and it becomes nearly impossible to score a goal when they are jumping all over the place. They either miss easy shots or dive to save some of the most unrealistic saves. FIFA 16 had the same problem, but it’s way worse in FIFA 17.

I think EA have overpowered the goalkeepers giving them superhuman powers and it’s one of the most annoying things in the game. You will straight away notice it once you play the game. It quickly becomes frustrating trying to score goals and some of the saves are totally insane. What was EA thinking? We may never know.

Also, good luck scoring when you are up by 1 or 2 goals. Those keepers suddenly become terminators.

3. Goalkeepers celebrate every time they save a shot

FIFA 17 Jumping Players

Again I have an issue with FIFA 17’s goalkeepers and this time it’s their celebrations. Every time any goalkeeper saves a shot they start celebrating. At first I was like wow that’s some nice animations but then they start to become annoying. Even when you have scored 5 goals against them, they still celebrate after saving a shot as if you’ve never scored against them. I hope EA can fix these unnecessary celebrations in the next update.

4. Manager ratings drops down for no reason

Manager Ratings

When playing career mode, you have a manager’s rating that’s shown at the left hand corner of the screen. It supposedly calculates your performance rates and adjusts accordingly. But it’s broken. Your manager’s rating will steadily decline despite you winning and being on top of the league and progressing throughout the cup competitions. It’s really frustrating to maintain a good rating and to keep your reputation as a good manager. EA haven’t fixed the problem yet and we are still waiting for an update.

5. The Journey is too short

The Journey

Kudos for EA for introducing The Journey but everyone (including myself) is complaining about how short it is. It’s brilliant career mode for all intents and purposes and it feels very authentic. However, you can only play it for one season and one season only. The Journey is too short and it feels like EA was experimenting to see whether players would like it or not. Let’s hope EA will improve The Journey in the next FIFA installment.

6. Managers act robotic

FIFA 17 Managers

FIFA 17 introduced manager likeliness and it feels good and the game feels more authentic when you see managers reacting on the sideline. However, most of the managers have the same animations and act so robotic it’s awful. There should be more reactions out of these managers and every manager should have their own unique reaction and celebration. Also, it would be awesome if you can choose the celebrations that you can do as a manager in the Manager Career Mode.

7. The unmanned crane behind the goal

FIFA 17 Stadium

I know this might not be annoying to you and may sound stupid but as a camera man myself, I find it quit funny and unrealistic seeing that stupid camera crane behind the goal dollying without the cameraman behind it. I first saw it in FIFA 16 and unfortunately continued to appear in FIFA 17 as well. Why did EA put them in the first place and why didn’t they include a camera operator? Questions I demand to know EA.

8. FIFA 17 might be scripted

There are many videos on Youtube that prove that the game is somehow scripted. It’s most likely that EA does this to keep the players entertained and keep them playing the game. For example, if an experienced player keeps winning all the time and a newbie keeps losing then both will find the game boring and irritating.

These scripts that occur during the shifts in momentum and the “come back” mechanics are important for EA to keep their cash flow. However, EA denies it exists and banns anyone who talks about it online in their forums, even after someone proved it exists in their code:

“ADAPTIVE_DIFFICULTY_INCREASE_DIFFICULTY] IF <user has greater than 2 goal lead> DO <increase difficulty by 0.25> [ADAPTIVE_DIFFICULTY_DECREASE_DIFFICULTY] IF <losing by 2 goals> DO <decrease difficulty by 0.1>”

Regardless of whether they claim it exists or not, sometimes the game feels like it’s been scripted. The more you play, the more you’ll notice it if you pay attention. Sometimes while playing you’ll notice a shift in difficulty. Now I don’t know whether scripting is a good thing or a bad thing, but I can tell you the game becomes irritating and unrealistic most of the times.

9. Injuries

Those damn injuries that happen frequently and without the players coming in contact with other players, yet they still get injured for no reason. Every player is so injury prone and it happens so frequently that it makes us angry really quickly. There’s nothing more annoying than seeing your best player getting injured and you have to substitute him. Let’s hope this is fixed in FIFA 18.


FIFA 17 is the best FIFA series I’ve ever played. With that new Frostbite engine this game feels as authentic as it can get and I can’t wait for the next installment and the new features EA will introduce in FIFA 18.

I hope you’ve liked this list and let us know in the comment section below what you find the most annoying in this game.


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