Before spending a bunch of money on buying or renting a DSLR camera, take into consideration the quality camera that you have in your hand: your smartphone. You might think that using your smartphone for photography is a bit crazy, but with the advances in technology that we have today means that your phone can be used to produce quality images. Not only is it budget and user-friendly, but it is also easy to carry around which ultimately makes it more convenient than a bulky camera.

Here’s few tips on how to use your smartphone’s camera to get more likes on social media.

Know your phone camera settings

Camera Settings

Do not rely solely on your camera phone’s default settings. If you are going to use your phone for photography, you can improve the quality of your images by tweaking your camera settings. It is advisable to lock the exposure and focus together so that you are able to change the lighting depending on where you touch to focus. It is also best to match the settings according to the environment where you are shooting. This way, people who will see your posts on social media can get a glimpse of the big picture of where you are and what you’re doing.

Get close to your subject


Zooming reduces the quality of the image. Avoid zoom. Instead, move closer to your subject. If this is not feasible, you can always take pictures from your point of view and use crop when you are post-processing. This way, the quality and pixels of the image are preserved.

Lenses are the windows to your soul

Smartphone Lens

Think of your camera as your eyes. The composition of your images depends on what you see and how you perceive your subject. There are all sorts of ways you can take a photo—rule of thirds, adding filters, and so on. But it is essential that you show people what you want them to see. Not only should you pick the mood that you want, but it has to be with a degree of depth. Also, you wouldn’t want to get dust in your eyes, right? Since your camera will serve as the window to your soul, give them a clean wipe from time to time. It is important that you store your camera phone carefully in your bag so as not to gather dust. Who knows, you might be surprised what a simple cleaning can do to the quality of your images.

Take your photos under natural lighting

Smartphone Natural Light

Lack of natural lighting is one of the most common problems in taking photos especially when you are indoors. Lighting can make food look a lot more appetizing under natural light, and yes, you can use all sorts of filters made available to you. But remember that natural lighting is always the best lighting. You can do this by going near the light—near the windows, doors, and to other sources of light. The key to this is to be as resourceful as you can be. You can always use whatever kind of light there is.

Mind the photo composition

camera composition

You can turn on the grid lines on your camera settings. This way, you can properly set up your shot. The most well-known principle in photographic composition is the rule of thirds wherein you break the image into thirds both horizontally and vertically. The theory in this principle is that when you place your subject in the intersections along the lines, your image will be more balanced and your viewers can interact with the image rather naturally.

Focus on one subject

Camera Focus Tips

Many of the best and well-known photos include just one, interesting subject. And of course, it is a lot easier to compose your image when you only have one subject. When your subject is inanimate, make sure to spend time in adjusting your settings. Make use of the negative spaces available, such as empty spaces for example, which you can use to your advantage in order to make your subject standout.

Simplicity is the best policy

Simple Photos Tips

Speaking of negative space, it looks really good on your image. It simply means the empty space that surrounds your subject. Use simplicity to your advantage when composing. Negative space makes your subject standout more and arouses more reaction from your viewers.

It’s only a matter of perspective

Camera Perspective

In composing a picture, you have to find an interesting perspective. Find a unique angle in order to make the picture more memorable and interesting. An object that we see in different perspectives or angles remains in our memories, right? You can try taking pictures in bird’s eye view (from above) and worm’s eye view (from below). Or you can always experiment with different angles.

Do you have more smartphone’s camera tips? Let us know in the comment section below.


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