Google Keyword Research

A Beginner’s Guide To Keyword Research For SEO

Within a single day, millions of people use search engines such as Google to look for products and services. To get whatever they want, they enter what the search engines refer to as "keywords" into the search ...
Website traffic

4 Effective Ways To Get Traffic To A New Website Fast

Page views, visitors, visits—these are indicators that your website’s traffic is gradually increasing. This traffic, for a fact, is not just easily obtained over the counter. It may be extremely difficult espec...
Best WordPress Plugins

7 Top Free WordPress Plugins of 2016

If you’re about to start a personal or business website, you should definitely choose to make a WordPress website. This popular content management system (CMS) is used by millions of people because of its user-...
Worst Websites of 2016

10 Worst Websites of 2016 And How To Avoid Building One

After my previous post about worst websites of 2015 became one of the most viewed posts on this website, I thought I would write another post showing you the worst websites of 2016. So you think it's 2016 an...


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