Designing a unique website can be really expensive. Some website owners have spent thousands of dollars just to get their website designed. In fact, I know a guy who got his website designed for $30, 000. Now we all know you (including me) don’t want to spent $30, 000 on a website design, I mean who does? Well I guess there are people who love spending a lot of money.

Anyways, assuming you are using a Content Management System (CMS), I will list 6 websites you can buy premium and professional templates from and few free ones. But remember, you would better off spending $50 on a professional template packed with features than a free one that is very limited. But it’s really up to you. Here’s the list…

1. ThemeForest (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and others)
ThemeForest has around 19, 682 templates and themes, for different CMSs including Joomla, WordPress and Drupal. Not only you get cheap templates but they also come with free lifetime updates. The good thing about ThemeForest is that it’s a trusted marketplace with reviews and comments from buyers, so you will never get scammed.

ThemeForest also offers thousands of plugins, PSD and Facebook templates and much more.

2. Joomla24 (Free Joomla Templates)
Joomla24 has more than 4000 templates for Joomla with live preview. They also offer premium templates. You can download templates for Joomla 1.7/2.5 and for the latest Joomla releases as well.

Although Joomla24’s templates are not of that quality, there are some useful free templates and it’s the best website that offers a lot of free templates for Joomla.

3. TemplateMonster (Premium CMS Themes)
TemplateMonster is the largest place to find website templates and offers high quality HTML templates that cannot be found anywhere else. You can search for all kind of template designs with different colors. For some reason, they also sell Flash site templates.

Receiving millions of visitors a month, they sure know how to create professional templates deigned for speed and the looks. They also have a friendly customer support.

4. StudioPress (Premium WordPress Themes)
StudioPress offers professional but simple WordPress themes that load really fast. Powered by Genesis Framework, their themes provides you with rock solid security, blazing fast performance, out of the box SEO, mobile responsive designs, and ultra flexible foundational code. Think of Genesis Framework as the frame and body of your car, while WordPress is the engine and StudioPress is the paint job.

5. Devsaran (Free Drupal themes)
Devsaran is an open source web and mobile app development company that mainly focuses on Drupal themes, Javascript, Android and iOS. They provide a lot of high quality Drupal themes.

They also provide a comprehensive range of web and mobile services which includes design and development.

6. Colorlib (Free and premium WordPress themes)
Colorlib is the number #1 source for WordPress themes. They offer free and premium themes that are well designed, mobile friendly and are built for speed. They constantly update their blog so you won’t miss out on anything. They also offer excellent content regarding WordPress, its plugins, how to make it secure etc.

Here’s a blog post that gives you free 50 + responsive and beautiful WordPress themes.

What do you think of the list? Did I miss something? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. You can read 8 basic ingredients for a successful website.


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